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Your tailored
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transformation solution

Our purpose: enable your organization to exclusively focus on value-generation activities


Trigger your business transformation

Our understanding and our expertise:

Recent technology leaps enable most existing businesses to improve their efficiency and increase their customer satisfaction.

At Drivetask, we refer to these transforming businesses where technology is becoming more and more central, as "businesstech"  (e.g. fintech, retailtech...).

Drivetask's V123 solution focuses primarily on specific aspects within these "businesstech" transformations: adapt, set-up, and deploy technology-friendly practices that enable the optimisation of their value stream, and ultimately maximize employees well-being, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.


V123 transformation: what & why

Lean-agile V123 transformation embeds "build-measure-learn" practices at all levels of your operational model (from ideation to benefits delivery).

The V123 solution aims to trigger your own transformation enabling you to:

  • Manage your product and project life cycles by value  

  • Foster collective intelligence through interactive rituals

  • Maximize transparency with appropriate tools coupling

  • Make enterprise level agility operational and real

  • Promote lean practices to secure an optimal time-to-market (TTM) and total cost of ownership (TCO).


V123 solution: how does it happen? 

Lean-agile V123 transformation starts with awareness sessions so collective intelligence could trigger a shift toward a "growth" mindset (the "1" of V123).

This mindset will enable an effective operational model (the "2" of V123) that allows to:

  • Pitch initiatives with minimum efforts to secure strategy alignment and avoid development redundancy

  • Prioritize value increments with respect to business value

  • Add features on the roadmap while accounting for teams’ capacity, current development progress and changing priorities

  • Build stories with real time visibility on inter-dependencies

  • Assess benefits, learn, and adapt accordingly the upcoming initiatives, increments and features.

This effective operational model is deployed through a relevant adapted tooling set (the "3" of V123).

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